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Built 1889 Renovated 1999

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Built at the high point of Port Townsend's real estate speculation boom, Charles Eisenbeis saved the best for the Mount Baker Block Building.

In the late 1880's, negotiations were underway for the railroad to link Port Townsend to the rest of the country-real estate price skyrocketed, the population of the town doubled, and Port Townsend dubbed itself "The Inevitable New York."

The railroad never arrived and the boom went bust. As a result, Port Townsend was left with many spectacular buildings and residences, some of which were never finished.

The Mount Baker Block Building has been an integral part of the downtown for over 110 years, with thriving first floor retail space, and second story office and artist studio space. The third floor remained unfinished until 1990. It has been completely renovated and serves as office space for software designers, photographers and artists. The fourth floor renovation began in 1998, and was completed the following year

Underground Floor

Ground Floor

Second Floor


Third Floor

Fourth Floor

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